A Story About My Uncle 500 keys

Link to the game: https://store.steampowered.com/app/278360/A_Story_About_My_Uncle/

A Story About My Uncle is a first-person adventure platform game about a boy who is looking for his missing uncle and enters a world whose existence he couldn’t even imagine. Use the mysterious inventions of your uncle, which will give you the opportunity to jump incredibly high and far, contemplating the beautiful scenery. Find clues pointing to your uncle´s whereabouts and meet incredible creatures to help you on your journey.

Movement in A Story About My Uncle is an essential part of the gameplay. The focus is on moving around the world with the help of a power hook, which gives the player an incredible sense of speed and freedom. Welcome the gaming world with a unique visual style and mysterious story that unfolds in front of you.
Key features
Power Hook: Expands the possibilities of game mechanics and gives you a feeling of speed and dizzying flight, which you have not experienced.
Explore the world: Visit an amazing and fascinating world - from heavenly caves to lost civilizations, and look at the harsh, mystical landscapes.
Emphasis on the plot: During the search for your uncle, you will learn about mystical creatures and their fate. Explore the world without haste, dive deeper into this fascinating story.
Lack of violence: A Story About My Uncle is a first-person game, but its driving force is not violence, but focus on the plot and the atmosphere.

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